Belgrade Open Markets

Whether you call them Belgrade open markets, green or farmer’s markets, they are a mirror of the city. If you want to get to know the city go to one of these spots. The market is a kind of small town. The market is an unforgettable experience.

The Belgrade Green Market

What do these markets mean for Belgraders? In the first place, they are more than just the resource of essential food. Market is a the heartbeat of Belgrade. Locals, just cannot do without them.

Believe it or not, the day cannot begin without jumping to the market even just for a moment. Markets are attractive locations in Belgrade. If you want to get to know the city go to the market.

Although, communication can be difficult if you don’t speak Serbo-Croatian, you’ll never get bored there. A friendly smile, few courteous essentials phrases  – dobar dan (good day), hvala (thank you) and you’ll feel at home.

These open markets have special effect if you happen to be there in spring season. The  multi colors of the first fruits and vegetables of the season is a true indication that winter is over.  Just because of their freshness, it will be hard to resist without buying it.

Colorful products on Belgrade open markers

If you want to buy fresh and quality products, just follow local housewives. Just watch them and you won’t be wrong.  They have ‘their people‘ – vendors they are always buying from. 

Belgrade open markets - Cheese and kajmak

This is especially important if you are buying homemade cheese and kajmak.  Kajmak is a cream made from milk and it will be difficult to identify the true one. The best advice is to look where locals buy it. Do not buy before you try. The seller will always offer you to sample it.

5 Top Belgrade open markets

Belgrade has 33 city markets. Open markets cover almost every city district. Most of them are open daily from 06 AM to 19 PM. For many Belgrade inhabitants going to the open market early in the morning is a ritual. They simply, must have fresh groceries at home.

Although there is no shortage of markets in Belgrade, there are several the most known. Below is the map of 5 most popular open green markets in Belgrade. Three of them are in Old Belgrade and one in New Belgrade and another one in Zemun neighborhood.

Mirjevo Open market

kalenic pijaca

Kalenic Pijaca (market) is the largest and certainly the most famous Belgrade market. It’s located in the center of the smallest Belgrade municipality – Vracar. Established in 1929 as a donation of the rich Belgrade merchant Vlajko Kalenic.

Kalenic cheap Belgrade open market

This is the Belgrade’s most supplied and popular market. Not only the residents of Vracar visit this market. Usually those from New Belgrade and Zemun come here on weekends. Many consider this market as one of the cheapest in Belgrade.

Kalenic market boasts for high quality of fruits and vegetables and dairy products. It’s particularly popular for outstanding quality of watermelon. For gourmets, here you can find exquisite natural acacia and meadow honey. Find out how to reach this market!

Location: at the corner of Njegoseva and Maksim Gorky streets. (see the map). Opening hours: every day from 06 AM to 07 PM. Getting there: By Bus 24, 25, 26; Trolleybus: N° 29.

Bajloni pijaca

Although her official name is Skadarska pijaca, everyone still calls the Bajloni market. The market was founded by the famous Jewish merchant Bayloni, therefore many Belgrade citizens use this name.

Bajloni green market

This market is extremely important for the residents of the Old Town. It’s the largest market in the city center that supplies about 100.000 consumers. The prices are higher than on other markets but offers high quality products.

Location: George Washington 55 street. Opening hours: every day from 06 AM to 07 PM. Getting there: On foot from Republic Square.

Zeleni Venac

Zeleni Venac (green wreath) is one of the most modern and best-stocked markets in the Balkans. It was built in 1920. Today this market distinguishes for its unique architectural design. That is way, the entire complex is declared a cultural monument of special importance.

Zeleni Venac market

The area covered by the market market is also the area of ​​today’s bus transport hub. Most of buses run from here to New Belgrade and Zemun. In 2007 the market ‘Zeleni venac’ was completely reconstructed. Next to the market there is also a big parking place.

The market is equipped with a dairy hall and air-conditioned space for selling fruit and vegetables. Prices are moderate but the quality of products is higher than on other markets.

Location: Jug Bogdanova bb street. Very close to Terazije and Hotel Moskva. Opening hours: Every day from 08 AM to 04 PM. Getting there: By bus from New Belgrade and Zemun.

Blok 44 New Belgrade market

This one isn’t the only one Belgrade open markets in New Belgrade. But surely it’s the biggest and the most popular. After it was reconstructed in 2011, it got a whole new look with a pylon canopy on over a 3200 m². 

Blok 44 New Belgrade market

This market has a new dimension of comfort, and it hosts an organic food market every weekend. Citizens have the opportunity to buy meat and dairy products in a modern dairy hall. This market is the first market in Serbia that sells exclusively certified organic products.

Location: Jurija Gagarina bb New Belgrade. Opening hours: from 06 AM to 07 PM.

Zemun open market

Zemun open green market is one of the most picturesque markets. According to written documents , this market delivered agricultural products from 17th century. Market is located not far from the Danube river bank and famous Zemun quay.

Zemun open market

Even today, Zemun market offers the best quality and always fresh agriculture products. It’s highly appreciated for dairy products, like butter, mileram (dairy sour cream) and cottage cheese. Fruits particularly watermelons and grapes  are much in demand because of good quality and reasonable prices.  

This market is few steps from Danube river bank, close to  Zemun quay. Due to its position this place is the best fish market. For this reason,  a lot of Belgraders come here to buy  fresh river fish. A special charm is that sellers are mainly fishermen who, after successful catch, come here to sell it.

After renovation in June 2016 Zemun market got a new look The whole plateau (3.700 square meters) was paved. During restoration market got a new fountain and the surrounding buildings facades were decorated. The local authorities also planted new trees along the main avenue.  

Location: Masarikov trg (square) Zemun. Opening hours: daily from 06 AM to 04 PM. Getting there: Buses number 17, 82, 83, 88.

Flea Markts in Belgrade

If flea markets are places you are passionate about than Belgrade has few. Don’t fool yourself you’ll find there rare gems but for few hundred of dinars you can do some bargain buys.  

Above all, these markets offer true local experiences.  You can get things really cheap here, especially if you know the fine art of bargaining. I haven’t visited too many flea markets in Belgrade but one in Zemun is Belgrade’s premier flea market .

Zemun flea market

On this market you’ll find things you didn’t even know you needed. In other words, here you can find from new furniture, sofa, oven to house wares of all kinds. If you are looking for old books, records, magazines, clothes, audio equipment or beautiful old chandeliers, this is a place for you.

This market is known under name – Zemun buvljak. It’s only one of a kind. Placed at the outskirts of Zemun, it has been going on for 30 years. The sellers are predominantly local Rom community but you’ll find people from all ex Yugoslav countries here. 

Location: At outskirts of Zemun town. Opening hours: every day except on Monday, from 07 AM to 05 PM. Recommended days Saturdays and Sundays. Getting there: Take bus N° 15 from Zeleni venac hub. It takes 20 minutes to reach the market. Warning: be aware of pickpockets thieves.