Belgrade Nightlife Party Capital

Belgrade nightlife club

Belgrade nightlife is often compared to the best western Europe has to offer. This is how the introduction to tourists most often begins of Serbian capital.

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It has become a trademark of Belgrade. Belgrade stands out in the Balkans as a haven for clubbing and bar hopping.

While in the most European capitals, Fridays or Saturdays evenings are dedicated for going out to nightclubs, Belgrade is entirely different.

In Belgrade, every night is Friday night. Everyone is ready to party at all the time, dance all night away, and go straight to work the next day.

Recently, several notable international magazines like The New York Times, The Guardian or Internet guru, Lonelyplanet, describe Belgrade as one of the world party capitals. 

New York Times 'Enjoy the finest nightclubs, bars and restaurants in Europe’s new capital of cool'

Many praise Belgrade as ‘the new Berlin’ but Belgrade offers more than any other European capital. 

It stands out, first of all for a friendly atmosphere, great clubs and bars, cheap drinks and lack of restrictive nightlife regulation.

Why Belgrade have this amazing booming nightlife culture?

The war of the 1990s, UN sanctions, monetary inflation, unemployment to finish with 1999 NATO bombing (I was there for three months), couldn’t prevent Belgraders to have fun.

Partying at some underground club even when there were air raids over their city, was how local nightlife boomed. There was nothing that could stop people from having fun.

Nightlife venues

Belgrade’s night clubs are divided into two basic types, summer and winter clubs. With over 500 venues available for the perfect nightlife in Belgrade.

Check out the latest news about the nightlife by visiting this site about Belgrade clubs or visit Beton Hallarea.

Here is the summary of main nightclubs features:  

River floating venues

The most popular clubs are floating ones. They stand on ‘splavovima’, or rafts on one of the two large rivers, the Danube and the Sava. It’s an unique and exciting atmosphere for all visitors to spend the night on a floating club.

Belgrade nightlife Splav Lasta club

No entrance fees

Among so many clubs, not a single one will charge you an entry fee. So you have more money left for drinks.

However, this does not mean that everyone can enter. Every single raft club owners have right to prohibit the entry to persons considering  dangerous or those not respecting the dress code.

I sincerely recommend making a reservation in advance, if you plan to spend any part of the night sitting. Try online reservation!

No Dancing floors

It may be unusual but Belgrade nightlife clubs have no dance floors. People like to just party and dance around their seats at the bar or their tables, if they made advance reservation to get one.

An additional advantage is that you can keep an eye on your personal stuffs and to take another drink at your own leisure without having to bump into the crowd each time. Practical, isn’t it!

Go-Go Dancers

An extremely popular feature all over Europe, the go-go dancers make a special feelings to Belgrade clubs.

Almost all clubs have four to eight go-go dancers. These charming females perform in an elevated visible from all possible viewpoints. Their job is to make the atmosphere of the club more pulsating.

Don’t try any improper behavior towards them as you can be expelled by club security.

Nice and beautiful people

This is the first thing you’ll notice. One thing you will certainly perceive just arrived in Belgrade is incredibly attractive Serbian girls and boys.

It is an unbiased fact that the Serb are truly some of the most beautiful women in the world, with a culture of taking much  importance to the look and personal care.

Women in Belgrade much care how they look especially when they come out at night. It’s impossible not to be fascinated by beauty of Serbian girls and boys of course.

Belgrade beautiful girls