Belgrade In One Day Itinerary

What to do if you decide to visit Belgrade in one day? Honestly speaking staying just 24 hours to explore Belgrade, is hardly enough.

I’ve heard that some of first time visitors have wrong prejudice about this city. Many are even worried about visiting Belgrade. Some of them are burdened with Belgrade’s communist past.

Regardless of what kind of uneasiness you are traveling to Belgrade I won’t blame you if you don’t fall in love with Belgrade. At least, not immediately.

Minimum that I can do is to propose you an enjoyable day here. Believe or not, Belgrade is a friendly city. Leave your prejudice behind you and you’ll enjoy your 24 hours day here.

Considering this short stay in Belgrade, I suggest a kind of concise itinerary to see the best and most noteworthy Belgrade places of interest. The best way would be to follow the footsteps of the locals.

What to do and see in Belgrade in one day

Here’s how I would organize one day in Belgrade! Before I start, let’s see how you are coming to Belgrade. It may seem not so important factor, but in a way, it’s a crucial moment to make a pleasant and above all well-designed one day stay. 

One day in Belgrade focuses on Stari Beograd (Old Belgrade) and in the heart of the city. This is the part of the city on the right bank of Sava River.  One day in Belgrade will be a walking tour around the old city, but to enjoy more your stay here, it doesn’t have to be sightseeing and go go go all the time.

One day in Belgrade by car!

If you are coming by car drive all the way to city center. Leave your car at Zeleni venac parking place with over 300 parking slots. On day fee is 1500 Dinars (12 Euro). On the map you can find quite easily this big parking place. Parking place is in a very center of Old Belgrade , close to Terazije Square.

Coming to Belgrade by plane!

If you are flying to Belgrade airport, take a taxi or bus transfer service. For more details and tips, take a look at how to use Belgrade airport transfer to the city downtown. For travelers coming for the first time, to know how to deal with the new colored Serbian notes and where to exchange your country money, here you can read about money matters in Serbia.

Traveling by train!

The Belgrade Centre railway station, known as Prokop, is the new central railway station in Belgrade. For travelers traveling by train ( I don’t advise to use train), you should keep in mind that at this moment there isn’t any more, the old downtown railway station. 

The new railway station ‘Prokop’ is still under construction from outside. From inside looks rather fine but connections to the city center are pretty  confused.

Belgrade in a day - Starting point

Terazije Belgrade on the map!

If those short ‘how to get to center’ notes, in the same way, help you, it’s time to start your one day in Belgrade. I suggest to start from Terazije Square. You can easily recognize it by a by the drinking water fountain – Terazijska Cesma.

Terazije square in the very center of Old Belgrade
Terazije Square. Hotel Moskva and famous fountain are behind your back!

If you want to snack something before you start than on the right side of the rood, try Kasina restaurant. It’s nice place with very polite staff. I eat there very often. The plates are big and tasty for what you pay!  If you trust me, order a big plate of mixed grilled meat for two. Don’t miss Jelen beer or wine if you like.

After this abundant meal you are ready to proceed. Keep walking toward the white building on the bottom of the above Terazije image. It’s known as Albania Palace, one the highest building in south-eastern Europe.  

Getting there you have two possibilities. The first, to keep on the left, entering on Kneza Mihaila street and to turn on right of the building, heading to Republic Square. Let’s try the second. 

Republic Square

Republic Square Belgrade
Republic Square with national museum and Prince Mihailo Monument

After a few steps you will be in Republic Square.  It’s one of the largest squares in Belgrade, with some important buildings. Without doubt, National Museum is worth visiting. It’s rather big museum but one hour or more, will be enough to get an idea of huge chronological period from Paleolithic period to 20th century art.

Th entrance fee is 300 Dinars. Keep in mind that museum is open daily from 10 AM to 18 PM. On Monday is closed. (Almost all museums in Belgrade keep the doors closed on Mondays

Looking around Republic Square one can not fail to notice, the imposing building of the National Theater in Belgrade. Practically it stands on the right side of National Museum, just across the street.

Building of Belgrade National Theatre
Building of Belgrade National Theatre

Knez Mihajlova street

After you spend some time on Republic Square or taking a coffee or a drink at ‘Gradska kafana Trg’ a tavern (kafana) located at Trg Republike N° 5. It’s time to take a walk along Knez Mihajlova street. This is a street on the left  side of ‘Albania Building’.

Your Belgrade in one day, wouldn’t be complete without this most elegant only-pedestrian street.  It’s the main pedestrian and shopping zone in Belgrade, and most valuable landmark of the city.

Knez Mihajlova main shopping street in Belgrade
Shopping opportunities in Knez Mihailova Street

Don’t be surprised if I describe this street as an similar to other European capitals’ high streets. Here you can buy all kinds of souvenirs, at “Belgrade Window” ( Beograd izlog) a shop located at the corner of Trg Republike and Knez Mihailova.

Here are some of the shops, brands or boutiques you can find as you visit Paris, Milan or New York. Brands like  Miss Sixty, Sergio Tachini, Guess, Diesel, Levis, Zara, Springfield”, Nike, Addidas, Reebok, Swarovski or Denny Rose, and many, many others.

Knez Mihajlova street 1987

At the end of Knez Mihajlova street, long almost 1 km, after the slow and relaxing walking pace, you’ll get to Pariska (Paris) street, practically at the entrance to Kalemegdan  park and city’s trademark, old Kalemegdan fortress.

Flavoring Belgrade in one day

Visiting Kalemegdan park and fortress, will be the best part of your Belgrade 24 hours itinerary. The shortest description of this Belgrade’s top tourist sight is – Kalemegdan is Belgrade’s central park and fortress lying on a hill overlooking the Sava and Danube rivers confluence. 

Entrance to Kalemegdan park with famous fortress

When entering inside this huge park, be ready to spend at least two hours of your time. It will be hardly enough to see the most important places of interest. If you don’t like walking, you can also get the mini train that runs through the park.

Kalemegdan park highlights you should visit are: Roman well, Statue of Victor, Military museum, Nebojsa Tower, Ruzica Church and Garden of Good Hope (Zoo).

If your Belgrade in one day seems to be overloaded with too many thinks to see than you can opt for organized walking tours:

While walking around Kalemegdan complex, if you happen to get tired, hungry or thirsty, a beautiful Kalemegdan Terrace restaurant (Terasa in Serbian) is the right place.  Very nice ambient! Beautiful view if you get a good table. Great variety of drinks and coffees. Perfect place to see a sunset while visiting Kalemegdan fortress.  

Skadarlija - Finish the day in beauty

On the way back from Kalemegdan you can spend some time in Skadarlija Belgrade hedonist quarter. It’s a quarter near Belgrade National Theatre, down Francuska street (Franch) and turning on the right to Bulevar Despota Stefana street.

Today it is home to some of the most famous Belgrade restaurants and cafes, as well as a few art galleries. This short cobblestone street also includes antique and souvenir shops, all night bakeries and folk groups singing traditional city music.

Skadarlija Belgrade bohemian street
Skadarlija old cobblestone street
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WHAT YOU WILL SEE: The Republic Square, the National theater and the National museum, Bohemian Quarter (Skadarlija), Kalemegdan park, Belgrade fortress,  Sava and the Danube rivers confluence, Saborna church, and Knez Mihailova street.

NOTE: This tour is FREE but consider showing your appreciation to your tour guide by leaving a tip!

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